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Saturday, October 19th, 2019
8 Earth Conservation Tips Your Children Should Know

8 Earth Conservation Tips Your Children Should Know

by February 13, 2018 Environment, Humans

The Earth has provided us more than enough with natural resources that serve as our food and shelter to survive. However, the world has gradually deteriorated due to human activities. People abuse the resources, destroy plants and kill animals. The onset of technology and modernization have an impact as well to the natural environment.

We need to survive. As inhabitants of Earth, our key role is to take care of our environment which gives us life.

Let us teach our children the importance of nature so they will grow as active advocates for the protection and conservation of the world.

Here are some simple steps that you teach your children to take care of the environment.

Segregate wastes

Teach your children about the basics of throwing garbage. Waste should be separated from biodegradable to non-biodegradable. If homes practice proper waste segregation, it would be easier for waste management companies to neutralize harmful components in waste before they go directly to our atmosphere.

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Throw garbage properly

Do not litter anywhere. Tell your children that they should keep their trash first until they can find an appropriate garbage bin.  Moreover, teach them to pick up pieces of rubbishes anywhere and throw them at the right waste cans.

Turn off the lights

Make them learn about the importance of electricity conservation. If they are not using the light, ask them to turn it off, especially when they are asleep. Turning off the lights or any appliances that demand electricity will reduce our consumption to power., reducing the heat in Earth.

Avoid long showers

Every drop of water counts. 70% of the world is water. However, only 2.5% of it is safe for drinking and for human use. Also, water pollution is rampant. Thus, teach your children how to conserve water and not contribute to the water pollution.

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Reuse, reduce, recycle

Teach them how to reuse and recycle available resources at home and in school so that we can reduce our consumption of new resources.

Engage in gardening

Make them experience gardening. Teach them how to plant flowers and other plants so that they will have a close encounter with nature.

Pet animals

Allow them to have pets – dogs, cats, fishes, and birds. Through having pets, they will develop how to take care of animals. Let them be aware that there are some animals who got extinct because of humans.

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Walk with nature

Instead of using vehicles that emit carbon and harmful pollutants, why not walk with nature? Through this, you can exercise and have a close experience with nature, without knowing that you are already helping the environment.