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Saturday, October 19th, 2019
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What is Conservation Psychology?

Conservation Psychology has been providing reliable facts and information about conservation psychology for more than a decade. We are an organization of psychologists, sociologists, ecologists, researchers, practitioners and environmental advocates who are driven toward the mission of understanding better the relationship between human behavior and the natural world.

For the past centuries, the world has become more modern and advanced. There have been high-rise buildings, hybrid cars and all forms of technologies. The world’s population has also ballooned leading to scarcity of natural resources. These all result in various environmental problems, including climate change, extinction of species and global warming.

Human activities cause the environment to deteriorate. But it is not yet too late. We believe that Conservation Psychology can give us better knowledge about how to practice environmentally sustainable behavior.

Thus, we strive hard to expand the foundation of Conservation Psychology that uses psychological frameworks and principles in promoting environmental experiences and actions we call “conservation behavior”. Through conservation behavior, we can be good stewards of Earth.

As Saunders said, we need “a better understanding of self-in-relation to nature” which can help us develop tools in “influencing public discourse and producing enduring behavior change.”

Let us engage in conversation about conservation!

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